From the roots of my hair to the roots of my family….

I spent a fair amount of my childhood living in a mobile home surrounded by goats, chickens and chicken murdering raccoons. So is it any wonder than a trailer park resort sprung to my mind when considering wedding venues?

Behold Hicksville, a trailer park resort tucked away in Joshua Tree, which is not just a U2 album but also an alienesque desert east of L.A.


When my fiance turned 30 two years ago I spent months planning a super, sneaky secret trip to Hicksville with a group of his best friends. Even though it was February and we froze our respective balls and tits off, it was truly a magical time.

There’s a hot tub, a giant tipi, ping pong, a shooting range (with bb guns and bows and arrows), a free juke box that blasts amazing music through the resort, a wee little pool and a bunch of themed trailers.

gun glasses


For the me and the mister, I rented The Sideshow, a carnival themed trailer complete with it’s own fortune teller and more importantly, it’s own bathroom.


If I’m going to be really honest about where as a person should get married (and I’m being told repeatedly that it’s all about me and who we are) then quite frankly a barn is not what I need. It’s a god damn trailer park.

No place I’ve ever visited, other than New Orleans, has gotten me as jacked up as this place. I was squealing almost constantly with sheer joy. The white trash, goat hugging girl of my youth is just snortin’ and roarin’ to come out.

There have been some absolutely gorgeous weddings done here. Out of respect for the parties I’ll just link you to where the pictures are displayed. Gorgeous stuff. I was actually inspired and it pains me to admit that.

First a super DIY wedding over on Green Wedding Shoes that reminded me how simple and casual can be so damn charming. I’m in love with the bridesmaid.

Over on Please Note, Elizabeth crafted her friend’s wedding decorations, resulting in a fun party atmosphere and amazing photos.

Did I mention the added bonus of driving by the dinosaurs from PeeWee’s Big Adventure on the way out there??


The downside is that Joshua Tree is waaaay out of the way for us and most of our guests. If you live in southern California and you have a  slutty short wearin’ inner child with bad roots like mine, then this might just be the place for you to get hitched. Guest list has to be pretty small though, this place is tiny. But what it lacks in size it makes up for with trashy magic.


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