Barns and Bowling Alleys

Let us discuss rustic barn weddings for a moment.

If I see one more twinkle lit, mason jar filled, cowboy booted wedding in a slightly run down but still oh so beautiful barn I’m going to bash my head on my keyboard and run screaming to the courthouse with my fiance in tow.

They are gorgeous and sweet and make for lovely photos. And everyone is having the same motherfucking wedding.  Right down to the style of photography and the charming twine decorations.



Gorgeous! Magical! Cookie cutter!

The mister and I used to lay in bed a few years back and talk about what we wanted our wedding to be like. Guess what we wanted? Oh, just guess!

A country barn wedding! With mason jar glasses and hay bales for seats!

I’m assuming we both saw weddings like that on the internet somewhere. We’re tattooed city kids who love the outdoors but rarely actually venture to the country.

When did this barn wedding trend begin? The internet tells me that this trend became “So hot” in 2013 after heating up in 2012.

2014 is shaping up to be the year of ombre. No, really, I’m serious. That is particularly hilarious to me since I was planning on custom dyeing my dress to be darker on the bottom. Fucking. Christ. On. An. Ombre. Cracker.

Can I please have the job of getting smashed on moonshine and deciding what the next wedding trend should be?

I see 2015 as the year of the bowling alley wedding. 60’s style though, tres chic and with decade appropriate finger foods like cocktail weiners.



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